Travel and Emergency Nannies

Travel and Emergency Nannies

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Emergency and travel nannies are specialised caregivers who offer crucial assistance to parents in unique situations. Emergency Nannies step in during unexpected or urgent circumstances, providing immediate childcare support when regular arrangements fall through. They are experienced, dependable professionals ready to ensure your child’s safety and comfort during unforeseen events.

On the other hand,  Travel Nannies are seasoned caregivers skilled in accompanying families on trips. Whether it’s a vacation, work-related travel, or a special event, these nannies provide consistent care in unfamiliar environments. They adapt to new surroundings seamlessly, keeping your child engaged, secure, and entertained while you navigate your travel commitments.

Both emergency and travel nannies offer parents peace of mind, allowing them to handle unexpected challenges or travel obligations with confidence. Their expertise and flexibility make them invaluable assets for families seeking reliable childcare solutions in various situations.

Core Responsibilities

Travel Nannies:

  • Provide constant companionship and emotional support to the child during travel.
  • Plan and engage the child in age-appropriate activities, both indoors and outdoors, to keep them entertained.
  • Ensure the child’s safety in new environments, including childproofing accommodations and monitoring their activities.
  • Help maintain the child’s routine, including meals, naps, and bedtime, to provide stability during travel.
  • Encourage learning experiences through educational games and activities, fostering the child’s development even while away from home.
  • Adapt to different time zones, cultures, and situations, ensuring the child remains comfortable and secure.

Emergency Nannies:

  • Provide immediate childcare in case of emergencies, such as sudden illness or unexpected events.
  • Offer emotional support and comfort to children during stressful situations, ensuring their well-being.
  • Follow specific safety protocols and procedures outlined by parents, especially in medical emergencies or unique situations.
  • Maintain open and clear communication with parents or guardians to keep them informed about the child’s well-being and any necessary updates.
  • Quickly adapt to new environments and routines, ensuring a smooth transition for the child during unforeseen circumstances.
  • Handle unexpected challenges with calmness and efficiency, making quick decisions to ensure the child’s safety and security.

Salary Guide


  • Travel and Emergency Nannies can charge either hourly from £15 – £20 + net per hour daily.
  • The daily rate of a Travel or Emergency nanny can start from £200 – £300 + per day, depending on hours required and the experience and qualifications of the chosen Travel or Emergency Nanny.
  • Minimum 1 week booking is required
  • Final salary always varies depending on the overall package offered.