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The role of a live-in nanny requires a professional Nanny with a Child Care qualification, degree, or diploma (linked qualifications) that covers child development and the care of children. Previous employment experiences should demonstrate a strong commitment to childcare, such as in roles like a SEN assistant, social worker, play therapist, children’s sports coach, camp counselor, or recent work as a Nanny in the private sector.

Live-in nannies provide a flexible childcare solution, usually working between Monday to Friday for up to 12 hours per workday. This position comes with accommodation, meals, and utilities covered by the employer, ensuring a comfortable living arrangement.

Additionally, live-in nannies may be expected to engage in extra babysitting duties on two nights per week, typically falling between a Monday and Thursday. This comprehensive role allows for the application of childcare expertise in a supportive environment, while the provided essentials and occasional babysitting offer added convenience.

Duties of a live-in nanny can include:

  • dropping children at school and collecting
  • helping with homework
  • planning children’s extracurricular activities
  • preparation of meals
  • shopping for the household
  • washing and ironing children’s clothes
  • arranging play-dates and social schedules
  • driving the children
  • ensuring children’s bedrooms are clean and tidy
  • keeping parents informed of developmental progress
  • babysitting evenings
  • bilingual nannies can also help with teaching your child a second language
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to schedule appointments
  • Creativity and patience when facilitating activities
  • High-energy and stamina to be able to keep up with young children

Nanny Accreditations we look for:


  • CACHE Diploma for Childcare and Education
  • Edexcel BTEC National Certificate
  • LCCIEB/NVQ/SVQ in Early Years Care and Education
  • Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Early Years Care and Education
  • CACHE Diploma in Early Years Practice
  • NVQ Certificate in Work with Children APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning)
  • The Chiltern College Certificate
  • Norland College Diploma
  • The Princess Christian College
  • Montessori / Reggio Emilia qualified nanny
  • There are many benefits to hiring a Live-In Nanny. By having your nanny live in your home, you welcome her as an extended family member and can develop a more meaningful relationship with your employee. This leads to greater communication, trust, and respect between you and your domestic worker.
  • Live-In Nanny gives you peace of mind that your children are being cared for. It also gives you the flexibility to call on them for additional hours if you need extra support when you have social engagements and guests or family visit.  Live-in nannies work between 10 and 12 hours per day, five days per week. Most families will also usually expect two evenings of babysitting to be included in the salary. They are generally more flexible and will babysit in the evenings more often compared to live-out nannies. They are also more likely to travel with the family.
  • As well as providing accommodation, if you require your nanny to drive, then most clients provide the nanny with access to the family cars, or their own dedicated car to drive children to and from school, take them to after school activities etc.
  • Most of clients hiring live-in nannies offer additional perks. This can include a mobile phone allowance, gym membership, health insurance, fuel for days off, food, bonuses, etc. It just depends on the nature of the salary offered and how you wish to attract the right candidates to the role.
  • Full time salaries are from £40K – 55K + gross per annum.  Full-time annual salary depends on candidate’s credentials, experience, and duties, as well as working routine you would like them to follow. More hours equals a higher salary.
  • Room & board to be provided by the family.
  • Salary guide is based on a 5 day work week, 10 – 12hrs a day, and is presented to you as a guide.  Most families will also usually expect two evenings of babysitting to be included in the salary.
  • Final salary always varies depending on the overall package offered.