Maternity Nurse

Maternity Nurse

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A maternity nurse provides families with expert, specialist care for baby and mum during the first few weeks after birth in the comfort of their own home. Such invaluable support is there exactly when and where you need it, to help you adjust to your new family member and establish good feeding and sleeping routines.

The first few weeks of bringing a newborn home is difficult for almost every parent: it’s a whole new experience that everyone has to get used to.  Our maternity nurses are medically trained professionals that provide their specialist care for families in their own home.  It is your own dedicated carer, who will take special care of mum and baby, and also help with other children and support dad.

Core Responsibilities


Our maternity nurses are a huge help to any family, but more so in the following circumstances:

  • Mum has had a difficult birth or caesarian section
  • Twin & triplet newborns
  • If baby has some health problems
  • If baby has colic or reflux
  • If baby isn’t sleeping and mum & dad are exhausted
  • Where baby isn’t feeding well (breast or bottle)
  • In families with other young children
  • When other support isn’t available e.g. close family
  • If one parent works away a lot
  • If mum has post-natal depression

Salary Guide


Maternity Nurses are self-employed professionals and their salaries vary according to their experience and whether they are caring for twins or triplets. As a self-employed professionals, our maternity nurses will take care of their own tax and national insurance. They will provide you with an invoice, contract, and may also charge a deposit.

  • 24hour care with a single baby: £250 – £350
  • 24hour care with twin babies: £350 – £450
  • 24hour care with triplets babies: £400 – £550