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Rota Nannies

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Rota nannies operate within a systematic rotation alongside their peers, where they alternate shifts, ensuring continuous childcare coverage. Typically, one nanny works for 7 days, followed by 7 days off, although variations exist, such as 10 consecutive working days with 10 days off or 14 days on and 14 days off, tailored to the family’s needs.

While on duty, Rota nannies are on call 24/7, although they do find time to rest when the child is sleeping. This demanding schedule ensures the child receives constant care and attention. These highly skilled professionals are often sought after by prestigious clients, including Royal families, celebrities, and high-profile individuals. They are also employed on Super Yachts as Super Yacht Nannies. Families who employ Rota nannies prioritise uninterrupted care for their children and are willing to offer substantial salaries to secure the best childcare experts available.

Core Responsibilities

  • Complete nursery care tasks
  • Plan engaging educational and enjoyable activities
  • Establish a consistent sleep routine for infants and children
  • Oversee meal times and promote good table manners
  • Enforce appropriate discipline measures
  • Supervise bathing and dressing routines
  • Attend to the children’s needs promptly
  • Available on call 24/7

Salary Guide

  • These are dependent on the experience of the nanny, the working routine and the country where she will work. As a general guideline, a Rota Nanny in will receive a salary from £800 net per week to £1,200 net per week plus
  • Final salary always varies depending on the overall package offered.