Mother’s Help

Mother's Help

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A Mother’s Help is a dedicated support figure who aids parents in both child care and household tasks. This role involves supervised assistance to parents, although they might occasionally be entrusted with brief periods of sole responsibility for the children. Mother’s Helps can opt for live-in or live-out arrangements and work either full-time or part-time, offering essential help to families in managing their daily routines and ensuring the well-being of both parents and children. Most of our Mother’s Helps are experienced but for some, this role prepares them for work as a Nanny in the future.

Core Responsibilities

Your Mother’s Help will take on a wide array of responsibilities, ensuring a seamless daily routine for your family.

  • From early mornings assisting with the preschool rush to preparing nutritious meals, they handle tasks like packed lunches and slow cooker dinners.
  • They aid in meal planning, clean baby bottles, and prepare weaning foods.
  • Domestic chores, such as children’s laundry and bedding, are managed efficiently.
  • They engage in cleaning toys, setting up creative activities, and assisting with homework.
  • Additionally, they provide sensory play for the baby, allowing you moments for self-care or attending to older children.
  • Light housekeeping duties, like hoovering and mopping, maintain a clean environment.
  • They assist with school or nursery runs, run errands, and even take the dog for walks.
  • Bath and bedtime routines are handled with care.
  • During school holidays and half terms, they’re fully engaged, and for your essential date nights, they’re there for babysitting. Plus, they seamlessly integrate into family holidays, ensuring a stress-free experience for everyone.

Salary Guide


  • Salaries range from £450 net upwards per week for a live in positions
  • Not less than £15 net per hour for a live out positions.
  • Final salary always varies depending on the overall package offered.