Forbes Nannies | Mannies

Welcome to a new standard of childcare with our exceptional Mannies! In today’s diverse family structures, the presence of a positive male role model is invaluable, especially in single-parent households where a strong male figure might be lacking. Our Mannies step into this role with dedication, offering not only experience but also genuine love for children. For families, particularly those with school-age boys, a Manny is not just a caregiver; he is a mentor, a friend, and a guide.

Core Responsibilities


Our Mannies are meticulously selected, highly experienced, and well-referenced, ensuring your children receive the best care possible. They view childcare as more than just a job; it’s a fulfilling career where they contribute significantly to a child’s growth and happiness. Mannies play a pivotal role in your child’s life, overseeing their well-being, learning development, and mental health. They meticulously plan daily activities, both indoors and outdoors, fostering an environment of growth, discipline, and creativity.

Families choose our Mannies because they understand the unique advantage a male nanny brings. From ensuring your children stay active and safe to promoting their mental and emotional well-being, our Mannies go above and beyond traditional childcare. With them, your family gains not just a caregiver, but a positive male role model, empowering your children with invaluable life lessons and skills. Experience the difference with our Mannies and watch your child flourish under their guidance and care.

Salary Guide


  • Live in (Full Time) £35K – £45K+ GPA
  • Live Out (Full time) £45K – £60K+ GPA
  • Live Out (Part Time) £14 – £16+ per hour
  • Temporary/Short Term £15 – £20+ per hour
  • Final salary always varies depending on the overall package offered.
  • Salary guide is based on a 5 day work week, 10 – 12hrs a day, and is presented to you as a guide.  Live-out nannies work between 10 and 12 hours per day, five days per week. In addition, often families require one-night babysitting, which is included in the salary. For a higher salary, some live-out nannies may work 6 days per week.