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At Forbes Nannies, we celebrate your unique talents and the incredible work you do as a Nanny, Governess, or Maternity Nurse. Our relationship is built on respect and trust – we listen attentively to your experiences and future goals. Let us be your guide in the job market, ensuring you find a role where you’re truly valued.

Our skilled consultants understand both your spoken and unspoken needs, saving you time by pinpointing your perfect match from the start. Say goodbye to pointless interviews that don’t align with your aspirations and values.

We’re your biggest cheerleader, offering unwavering support throughout your journey. With a wide network of top candidates and families, we’re your gateway to the best Nanny, Maternity Nurse, and Governess opportunities globally.

Our personalised service includes up-to-date salary advice, career guidance, and CV support. Your success is our priority – we’re here to make your job search efficient and effective.

Join us at Forbes Nannies and embark on a rewarding partnership that lasts beyond your first placement. Let’s find your dream job together.

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Our friendly consultants will chat with you to understand your background and aspirations.

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We’ll create your profile, highlighting your strengths and experiences based on your CV and our chat.

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4Reference Check

We’ll ensure your references align with your profile, verifying your qualifications and abilities.

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5Ready To Shine

With your profile complete and references confirmed, you’re all set to embark on your journey with Forbes Nannies!

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Explore our current job openings. Even if you don't find a fitting position online, don't hesitate to send us your CV, as some roles aren't publicly advertised. We actively seek passionate, dedicated, and qualified candidates for placements in the UK and abroad.